Sunday, June 19, 2011

Starting out!

Hi guys! I wanted to start a blog dedicated to finding great fashion in thrift stores in your area! I graduated from fashion school and we constantly viewed expensive clothing and accessories that were shown on the runways worldwide and how expensive they were! I thought, I would love to own that dress, but I would need to take a loan out! There has got to be a way to get that look for less! So being a full time student I didn't get a lot of hours at work and less hours meant less money. I turned to local thrift stores and garage sales/estate sales to look for unique and funky items to add to my wardrobe! The best part was not everyone will have the items that I found! Most of the things I am attracted to are vintage. A beautiful vintage brooch will be a nice accent to any outfit! It's a great statement piece! Everyone looks at magazines and drools over the latest fashions for the season, why not go to your local thrift store and find items that are still in this season, but aren't going to put a strain on your bank account! Before college, I never would think to go into a thrift store, now its one of my most favorite places to go! I will go and visit my local thrift stores and neighborhood garage sales and buy items that are in fashion right now or that I think are funky and post them to show that you shouldn't be afraid to try new things and to be 'green' and buy gently used or vintage items to add a spunk to your wardrobe! Now get out there and be creative and hopefully my finds will help you with your quest to a new fashionable you!!

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